The company has established a quality system operating according to THE GMP quality management standard, covering the whole process system of supply system, warehouse logistics, production manufacturing, verification management, finished product inspection, deviation management, change management, CAPA management, so as to more effectively avoid process risks and ensure the interests of customers.     

Our company has introduced a number of Agilen high-performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph, Agilent infrared spectrometer, Waters high-performance liquid chromatograph, automatic polarismeter and other advanced analysis and testing instruments, and established an external testing platform.

The quality of our company has an experienced management team, set up the standard, perfect quality standard system, from product research, development, amplification, manufacturing, inspection, supervision and management, sales and service process to consistently produce products that meet the customer quality standards provide a reliable guarantee, and passed the IS09001:2008 quality management system certification, meet the production process quality control.